Getting the ideal Camping Showers - The initial Step

The initial step to acquiring the very best camping shower is always to comprehend the distinctive forms out there. Portable showers for camping come in primarily three various types. You will find the solar camping shower bag assortment, propane fueled showers, and after that the transportable shower enclosures themselves, also known as "camping shower tents". Your intended use will definitely determine which variety is most effective for you personally.

Solar Shower Bags

Solar showers will be the most compact and lightest-weight alternative which tends to make them the most well known selection for those camping activities with all the tightest size & weight restrictions - like backpacking, hiking, and cycling. Solar bags typically consist of a simple bag that uses the sun's energy to heat the water and an attached hose & shower head that actually delivers the water. Unlike propane showers, they use the sun's energy to heat the water and unlike battery operated options, they use the earth's gravity for water pressure.

One of the biggest drawbacks to solar bags is that they need 4 - 6 hours to heat the water - which means a hot shower will require some preparation. Another important drawback is that, due to their simple design, you will discover unfortunately a lot of low-quality / low-budget models on the market so you'll want to do a little research to weed these out from the most effective ones.

Propane Camping Showers

Currently there are not a whole lot of propane camping showers on the market. Fortunately, however, the majority of the ones that are available are of high quality. What separates a propane shower from a solar model is that propane is used to heat the water. Most designs use standard, disposable propane canisters for this. Some of the larger capacity, "out fitter" models also work with larger, refillable propane tanks.

For water pressure, a battery powered water pump is used - also known as a battery operated shower. The pump is simply placed in a water source like a tub or bucket and (or stream or pond) and water is drawn through the propane heating unit to the hose and shower head.

The biggest advantage to propane models, opposed to the solar wide variety, is that you get hot-water-on-demand. Some of the most beneficial camping showers even provide "instant" hot water which means there's virtually no preparation time required - just turn it on and bathe away! The down-side to these is that they are not nearly as light-weight and compact as solar camping shower bags and therefore they are better suited for car camping and base camps than backpacking.

Camping Shower Enclosures

A privacy enclosure may not be necessary for all situations, but is certainly recommended for public camp sites! These enclosures not only provide additional privacy while bathing - they also double as camping toilet tents (though it wouldn't be recommended to use them for both purposes at the same time - as it could get a little messy).

The best camping shower enclosures are built strong enough to support the heavy hanging weight of a filled solar bag and are designed to setup and tear-down quickly without compromising durability. As using the solar shower bags, you'll want to be leery of the lower priced models that are being passed-off online as "camping shower tents". Many of them are not actually designed for this purpose and are really just cheap changing tents that will not support a shower bag.

Which are the Finest Camping Showers for you personally?
Propane camping shower offer essentially the most convenient use as they literally provide hot water on demand, but due to their need for an external propane canister they are not the very best alternative for outdoor activities with strict size & weight restrictions. If you intend to use your portable shower for backpacking or cycling, you are probably better off going with a good solar shower bag because they are the most compact and easiest to transport. Just remember that if you want a hot shower, you'll need to allow a few hours for the sun to heat your water.

Whether you go with a simple solar shower, a propane camping shower, or both - you'll want to read some reviews by real users to ensure the model you're considering performs as advertised. The same is true when shopping for a camping shower enclosure.
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