Five Steps TO Turn into AN RBT

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Registered Behavior Technician credential requirements:

Age & Education:

18 yrs of age
Completed High school or higher

40 hours of training based on RBT tasklist, developed and conducted by BCBA/BCaBA. At least 3 hours of this training must be on Ethics. This instruction can be completed within a 180 day period.
rbt curso can be lecture based or experimental. It can be designed as one course or multiple units. Education may be delivered in person or online. Time spent on assignments may not count as instructional hours.
Gold top les paul :

This competency assessment is the basis for eligibility and renewal of RBT credential. A BCBA/BCaBA must administer it AFTER completion of 40-hour instruction. This involves Direct observation of competencies specified in the competency assessment kind. The potential RBT MUST demonstrate competency in ALL tasks. This assessment must be completed no earlier than 90 days prior to applying for the examination.
Background Check

BCBA supervisor will confirm with the applicant that a criminal background check is completed as per requirement of the country for such service provision.

Applicants must take & pass the exam. Only those applicants who submit a complete exam application with all the above-mentioned needs met; are authorized by BACB to take the exam.

Once credentialed the RBT will need to meet monthly supervision requirement and an annual renewal procedure. They must always work under the supervision of BCBA/BCaBA.
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